The primary purpose of this site is to share with you the creation of an ambitious airline, one of the primary objectives of which is the ‘CONNECTIVITY’ between island countries in our region.

Many of the countries affected by our future network do not have sufficient air service to enable economic, social and cultural integration in our South Pacific basin.

If existing operators operate domestic routes, while others offer international flights from their respective hubs, FLY CORALway intends to create complementary air links to provide a wider capacity for travel, conducive to exchanges and discoveries.

Thus, we took care to study the regional markets, evaluate the most relevant devices to optimize our operations according to the expected flows, exchange with the builders and leasing company, exchange with the authorities of each country and Tourism Actors, and collect opinions of informed professionals, to establish an efficient business plan to ensure a sustainable activity.

To actively participate in the development of FLY CORALway, we need your collective support, because the creation of an airline is a true participatory INVESTMENT, creating wealth and values, including the creation of 95 direct jobs and many jobs induced by the generation of new flows of people (and goods).

While some question the relevance of the creation of an airline in this restrictive period of pandemic, it should be recognized that the creation of a structuring tool, with economically favourable access to necessary resources, must be conceived now in order to be fully operational when traffic resumes.

  1. The need for air transport is an absolute necessity for the displacement of communities and to support trade between the island countries.
  2. Air development is the essential vehicle for economic and tourism development.
  3. Family, cultural and religious ties can only be conceived when communities from all walks of life can come together and commune.
  4. Post-pandemic investments will give us access to new opportunities for passengers whose travel expectations will continue to evolve: ‘FLY regional’.

How to join us

By investing

An Investor is a natural or legal person who allocates a portion of his available capital while waiting for a return on investment.

With FLY CORALway, he will also be able to fully support decisions related to the development of a company, a true regional structuring tool governed by a strategic committee deliberating collectively.

To each of the Investors who will come forward, and depending on their individual information needs, we will make ourselves available in order to exchange on each of the building blocks of the business plan.

To date, all individuals or legal entities in a capacity to contribute with a minimum ‘ticket’ of XPF 10 million (EUR 84,000) will be admitted as investors.

Don't wait, join us to be part of FLY CORALway story!