The cumulative annual hourly use of aircraft operated on our regular network – technical flights and scheduled maintenance hours – gives us the opportunity to consider one-off activities on demand, including contracts in ACMI.

Thus, the seasonality of certain regional destinations makes it possible to identify potential frequencies dedicated to Vanuatu, Suva (FIJI), Hawaii, even Tonga or Cook Islands in particular.

Moreover, the intensity of cultural, religious and sporting exchanges (including South Pacific Games, Rugby, Football …), or MICE (corporate), generates flows for which our company will have to consider offering its services considering the forecast flexibility of the fleet and operations

It should be noted that exchanges with authorities (Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands) or existing operators could result in one-time requests for air services in our South Pacific area.

Finally, we will make ourselves available, whenever our regular operations allow it to accompany medical emergencies (evacuations to hospitals) or social or health emergencies.

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