Fiji is a country in Oceania located 744 km west-northwest of Tonga, 788 km southwest of Wallis and Futuna and 1,067 km south of Tuvalu.

The country’s characteristics define Fiji as a central destination for regional air development, providing access to major international destinations operated by many international airlines:

While Suva is the administrative capital of the country, Nandi is fly CORALway’s preferred air destination for its international transit offer (NAN International Airport) and its tourist infrastructure (main resorts).

The Suva service will be studied at a later date.

Locally, the FIJI AIRWAYS Group integrates a homogeneous international, regional and domestic network operated under the names FIJI AIRWAYS and FIJI LINK, through a diversified fleet adapted to the network.

FIJI AIRWAYS was met at the end of JUN19 to present the project, following the same principle of transparency, on the understanding that our request for traffic rights to/from FIJI would indisputably have been communicated to the national carrier. In addition, the meeting with the Directorate clarified the intentions of the Carrier to/from the French-speaking Territories of the South Pacific. Indeed, FIJI AIRWAYS is showing a current regional dynamism in order to strengthen Nandi’s role as a hub, taking advantage of a strategic position between Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.

Our airline’s strategy is consistent with fiji AIRWAYS’ future development prospects and we will then be able to consider commercial agreements for the commercialization of our flights in continuity to AUSTRALASIE.

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