At the origin of the project: a Wallisian entrepreneur, anxious to consider the economic and social disenfranchisement of Wallis and Futuna, and to bring to the Community, a real structuring tool of development, creator of wealth. The feasibility and contract study concluded that the project was relevant, as long as realistic and reasonable objectives were imposed on the start-up, operating in a sector of activity requiring a confirmed technicality, in a strict regulatory context: regional air transport of passengers and freight.

Nevertheless, the characteristics of the inbound/outbound market of Wallis and Futuna require the inclusion of an Air Carrier in a broader regional context, participating in the CONNECTIVITY of the South Pacific island countries, including French-speaking territories concerned with integration into their environment.

FLY CORALway is now a company incorporated in French Polynesia

The initial role of the team:

Several months devoted to the financial, technical and human sizing of the aviation start-up, with the prospect of the start of operations in 2021.

Seeking a true creation of regional value accompanied by qualified and high-performing collaborators in order to implement a strategy validated by convinced and involved shareholders.

The Team:

A collaboration between qualified and high-performing professionals in their fields of activity, in order to implement a precise strategy, based on objectives defined and adapted to regional air transport needs.

Louis Alphonse is a Wallisian entrepreneur, widely involved in the economy of the Territory and sensitive to the imperative opening up needs and economic and social development.


Alongside them work daily professionals convinced of the relevance of this sustainable air project and experienced in aviation requirements thanks to their years of experience in high-performance airlines.

Goals and perspectives

  • Organize air flows in the South Pacific, and more specifically boost the French-speaking territories of the area in a shared desire for regional economic, social and cultural integration.
  • Create efficient and cost-effective air service to facilitate the movement of populations, communities and tourism to an underserved area
  • Participate and relay the development of the insular territories’ economies (including Tourism) by intensifying a complementary air offer.
  • Accompanying the emergence of a ‘circuit’ tourism in line with a tourism strategy of reconquest, using adapted frequencies and intra-Pacific services.
  • Put the Customer at the center of our attentions by offering a quality of service, a product adapted in optimum conditions of hospitality, safety and reliability, to make every trip a moment of pleasure.
  • Selecting and recruiting each company’s employee according to strict criteria, we will give them the means to develop and achieve themselves professionally, so that the individual potential is valued.
  • All of our socially responsible actions and decisions will respect the highest levels of integrity and ethics in order to satisfy the stakeholders who trust us.
  • Seek efficient and constructive synergies with all of our Public and Private Partners, including tourism and aviation players with whom long-term contractual relationships will be privileged.

The organization and the calendar

The internal organization will be simplified to reach an effective Human structure in order to optimize the management of the company, and will consist of skilled and dynamic management, dedicated to the central hubs of activity:

Expected progressive recruitment of 95 people:

  • Fleet maintenance and airworthiness
  • Air and ground operations
  • Quality, compliance monitoring and safety management
  • Sales – ‘Revenue management’ Marketing and customer satisfaction
  • Management of human resources and potential
  • Information, systems and connectivity management
  • Administration – Finance (Accounting, Finance, Law)

Similarly, a qualified and responsive ‘mid-management’ recruited regionally will be organized in a spirit of transversality functions to achieve ambitious collective objectives, with teams with optimized staff at the service of Customers.

Finally, French and English speaking crew members, young, dynamic and professional, will be ambassadors of our brand image and quality of service, in accordance with strict and rigorous international standards of public air transport.

FLY CORALway structuration period remains orchestrated by a General Manager (and Accountable Manager declared to the Authority) with aeronautical training and experience; Posts Holders (regulatory chart) are already accompanying FLY CORALway to finalize its modelling.